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BLISS is a company specialized in the transfer of families throughout the world!

The Bliss network was created with the intention to meet the new challenges of a globalized and always more competitive market and for this purpose promote a new network of services addressed to companies and families, through businesses having decision-making autonomy in the framework of the specific action field.



Loving what we do enables us to maximize our efforts so that we can provide a valuable service to the customer


Our mantra is customer care, which we provide thanks to a complete and accurate assistance, that is from A to Z...


The customer and his/her needs are at the center of our activity; we provide a tailored solution for him/her.


Our team is made up of persons who are highly specialized in their work and are kept constantly trained.


We are a member of international associations in this field. Moreover, our companies are provided with a Quality Management System according to ISO 9001:2008.


Many of our staff members lived abroad and know perfectly well what it means to organize an international shipment.

The international removal specialist!

Being aware of the complexity that a transfer to a foreign country entails (and all that is related to it) BLISS has set as its primary objective to help families and their four-legged friends to move easily and stress-free



Bliss Moving & Logistics is a company specialized in the international removal and relocation of families and company staff.

Change is a synonym for stress, especially if combined with an international removal. Moving to another country, changing work and habits may be, although very stimulating, a difficult experience. Bliss Moving & Logistics has set as its primary objective to reduce the stress associated with an international removal by offering an exclusive service, strongly geared towards what the customer (whether family or company) needs.

By choosing BLISS you may benefit from:

  • A dedicated personal consultant who will guide and support you throughout all the phases of the removal: IMC (International Moving Consultant);
  • An access to an exclusive online portal, operational 24/7 (Bliss World Gateway), in order to keep the contents, data and instruments relating to the international removal under control;
  • A clear and specific written agreement entered into by the parties, setting out their respective rights and responsibilities;
  • A Central Claims Office for immediate legal assistance.

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Bliss Pet Services deals with the international transfer of pets, with 5 offices in Europe (Italy, Germany, Spain, Portugal and Switzerland) and a widespread presence in the most important international airports.

Bliss Pet Services was created from the awareness that transferring an animal abroad does not just involve a mere physical movement from one city to another. Their aim was, therefore, to offer a five-star service by dedicating particular care to every phase of the animal's transportation abroad: the preliminary study of the journey, the costs involved, the fulfillment of the customs operations, paper work, the production and checking of the documents, until its arrival and receipt in the country of destination.

Our customer is supported by a multilingual staff, perfectly trained and with a IATA LAR certificate for the shipment of live animals.

Finally, Bliss Pet Services is a member of IPATA, the largest leading worldwide association in this field.

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BLISS Relocation offers a full range of relocation and immigration services to corporates and families for any destination throughout Italy and the world. Whether you need to orient yourself in the new living place, or find a new home or a solution for your needs or get away from long bureaucratic paper work, we will be able to help you with professionalism and personal touch.

Corporate Services

Corporates that choose our services will find a reliable partner that will be able to help the assignee throughout each phase of the relocation and immigration procedures at their new destination and they will be able start their new assignment without any worries.

Why should a company choose us? Because it will benefit from:

  • The same consultant assigned to the customer, from the beginning to the end of the service
  • The longest experience and understanding of relocation business
  • An optimal management of the transfer of the company personnel
  • A reliable partner with competitive price
  • An improvement of the company’s image with regard to its personnel thanks to high satisfaction level
  • Positive attitude

Our team of long experienced and very well prepared professionals will be fully dedicated to you and your needs, so that you may live this moment stress-free! Moreover, respect and ethics are our true guiding values…

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Bliss Trading & Consulting is specialized in corporate consultancy, training and assistance for Quality certification and worldwide marketing of Italian excellence.

Consulenza Facile is the exclusive service conceived by Bliss Trading & Consulting  to obtain the new quality certification ISO 9001:2015, easily and rapidly, saving money, minimizing the risks and increasing corporate competitiveness. Its objective is to guide the customer towards the pathway leading to the certification by means of a revolutionary learning service.

Through the “Bliss Pre Assessment”, a specialized consultant will carefully analyze the company and will draw up a fundamental analysis report, aimed at understanding the critical nature of the processes and the key points requiring specific solutions. Once this phase is concluded, access is given to the innovative system of Easy Consultancy so that the pathway to the certification may begin.

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Nonna Lavì


Bliss Trading & Consulting deals with the marketing of Italian excellences at international level. One of these is Nonna Lavì’s extra virgin olive oil.

Nonna Lavi’s PDO Extra virgin olive oil, a prestigious yellow-green oil with golden  hues, originates from the Sabina territory, a land rich with centuries-old olive groves, green valleys and mountains, oak and beech woods.

It is velvety on the palate, uniform, medium pungency and with a light bitterness. Very versatile and excellent to enhance the flavor of various dishes.

Many people have already tried it and were quite impressed!

Visit the site, and immerse yourself, too, in the genuine and authentic flavors of the Sabina territory.

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